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Brands and Brand Management:
Contemporary Research Perspectives

Edited by Rohini Ahluwalia, professor, Department of Marketing and Logistics Management; Barbara Loken, professor, Department of Marketing and Logistics Management; and Michael Houston, professor, Department of Marketing and Logistics Management and Ecolab-Pierson M. Grieve Chair in International Marketing

        The authors of this book meaningfully integrate the rich and vast body of scientific research relating to both traditional and contemporary topics in branding. This book will appeal to those with an interest in deepening their understanding of how consumers view brands. Five other members of the Carlson School’s Department of Marketing also contributed.

Operations Management:
Contemporary Concepts and Cases

By Roger Schroeder, professor, Department of Operations and Management Science and Frank A. Donaldson Chair in Operations Management; Susan Meyer Goldstein, associate professor, Department of Operations and Management Science; and M. Johnny Rungtusanatham, associate professor, Department of Operations and Management Science

        The fifth edition of this book is ideal for an instructor seeking a short text with cases. It employs a cross-functional perspective that appeals to non-majors and which is practical for use in an MBA-level operations management course. The cases offer variety in length and rigor.

Management Strategy book

Management Strategy:
Achieving Sustained Competitive Advantage

By Alfred Marcus, professor, Department of Strategic Management and Organization and Edson Spencer Endowed Chair in Strategy and Technological Leadership

        This book demonstrates how strategy affects an organization’s position in comparison to its competitors, both in terms of the cost and quality of its products and the scope of businesses in which it is involved (vertical and horizontal integration), as well as its global versus domestic reach. The outcomes that come from analyzing an organization also determine the extent to which the organization will strive to be an innovator as opposed to being a follower.

Labor Relations book

Labor Relations:
Striking a Balance

By John Budd, Industrial Relations Land Grant Professor and chair, Department of Human Resources and Industrial Relations

        This book, in its third edition, shows labor relations as a system for balancing employment relationship goals (efficiency, equity, and voice) and the rights of labor and management. Budd moves beyond a process-based focus in studying the topic by placing the discussion of contemporary U.S. processes into the context of underlying themes, such as the systems goals, whether or not the goals are being fulfilled, and if reform is needed. Central topics are placed in the broader context of the goals of the employment relationship, conflicting rights, and the environment of the 21st century.


Canine Instinct:
Guide to Survival and
Advancement in Corporate America

By Ellen Burts-Cooper, ’06 MBA

        The instinctive responses of canines are remarkably similar to the responses that have helped leaders move past mere survival and thrive toward advancement in the corporate ranks. This guide breaks these natural instinct skills into manageable performance characteristics that can be studied and practiced to develop optimal survival skills in corporate America and academia.

Experience Intelligent Eating book

Experience Intelligent Eating

By Ashfaq Khan, ’09 MBA

        Intelligent eating is about making smart food choices on a daily basis. As the son of a commercial airline pilot, Khan had the good fortune of meeting, eating, and living among people from around the world. Moving every few years from one country to another allowed him to experience the culinary lifestyles of regions in both Europe and Asia. He uses his years of training as a cardiologist, as well as his years of travel around the globe to offer up the best ingredients with which to prepare meals.

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