Spring 2010

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Greetings, Alumni!

As the new director of alumni relations at the Carlson School, I am excited to be joining such an active and engaged community. My alumni relations career began, as many do, as a student annual fund caller at my alma mater, Castleton State College in Vermont. After spending many years working in the corporate world, I returned to Castleton as assistant director of cultural programming and alumni relations. As that program grew, so did my experience and desire to expand my alumni relations knowledge. A move to Colby College in Maine in 2006 allowed me to do that. At Colby, I oversaw planning and logistics for all of the college’s regional clubs around the world, worked to increase young alumni engagement with the school, and identified ways that technology should and should not be used to communicate. Most importantly, I challenged myself to understand the intricacies of the alumni/alma mater relationship.

        The Carlson School offers me yet another unique perspective on that relationship. Each school must ask itself: When does this relationship begin? The answer is simple—it begins as students. Without strong alumni relations involvement during the academic years, we cannot assume engagement is a given after graduation. The Carlson School has done a terrific job of laying the groundwork for a world-class alumni relations program. My hope—no, my commitment—is to see that goal achieved by building an alumni relations program that is inclusive of all academic levels and degrees and which is engaging for our current and future alumni. I’ll also work to ensure that it builds a strong sense of community and demonstrates that no matter how you spent your time at the Carlson School—as an undergraduate or graduate student, a full-time or part-time student—“We are the Carlson School.”

        I look forward to meeting as many of you as I can and building a program of which all Carlson School alumni can be proud.

        To contact Todd Gordon, director of alumni relations, call 612-626-7442, email tgordon@umn.edu, or connect with him via CarlsonConnect.

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